Bresser Science MPO 401 Microscope

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Bresser Science MPO 401 Microscope Microscopes

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    In contrast to ordinary light, polarized light has a preferred oscillation plane for light waves. This means that anisotropic objects , i.e. those whose observable properties change with direction, appear in a new light, as it were: Crystals, but also animal hair, bird feathers, muscles, nerve fibers and plant cell walls, which have a preferred direction of their biomolecules, now reveal structures that remain hidden in the normal brightfield microscope image. Images created with polarized light are often characterized by a fantastic blaze of colors. Polarizing microscopes are mainly used in mineralogy, geology, biology and medicinetheir commitment. The BRESSER Science MPO 401 has a round, centerable and fully rotatable object table with a graduated scale for the controlled variation of the object alignment. The lighting and observation unit includes, among other things, the adjustable halogen lamp (20 W), the field diaphragm for setting the Koehler illumination , the 360 ? rotatable polarizer for generating the polarized light, centering devices for the lenses and the analyzer attachment for analyzing the polarized light. The analyzer attachment is intended for the 360 ??? rotatable analyzer and optionally available inserts (Amici-Bertrand lens for conoscopy; Quartz wedge, lambda, lambda / 4 plates). The wide-field eyepieces (WF10x), which are also wide-field, sit at an angle of 30 ? and have interpupillary distance and diopter adjustment on the trinocular microscope head. They provide the viewer with bright, true-to-color, detailed and sharp images. The accessories of the MPO 401 include, in addition to the aforementioned inserts and eyepieces, a measuring eyepiece (WF10x), the Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, special DIN polarization objectives (4x, 10x, 40x spring-loaded, 100x oil spring-loaded), filters (blue, matt) and immersion oil.

    Eyepieces (2 pieces WF 10x)
    Lenses (PL4x, PL10x, PL40x, PL100x oil)
    360 ? rotating stage
    Phase shifter
    Amici-Bertrand lens
    Polarizer / analyzer attachment
    Dust cover
    Power cord


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    Bresser Science MPO 401 Microscope Microscopes