With the BRESSER Science IVM 401 , the direction of illumination and observation that is otherwise common for transmitted light microscopes is reversed: the sample is illuminated from above and viewed from below. With such a so-called inverse design, the device enables the microscopy of plankton, microalgae and cell cultures . For example, organisms on the bottom of culture dishes can be examined, which must not be turned over. Accordingly, this special microscope is used in water management offices, research institutes and universities, in human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, marine biology, limnology and aquacultureetc. The Science IVM-401 is an inverted microscope. It is ideal for examining liquids that are in Petri dishes. The inverse design prevents the objectives from being immersed in the liquid. The sample does not have to be covered, and the layer thickness is also irrelevant.

The Science IVM 401 has a large, fixed specimen table with specimen guide, powerful halogen lighting (30 W) with dimmer and field diaphragm and a quadruple objective nosepiece. The trinocular microscope head with 30 ? inclined eyepiece socket and photo tube can be rotated, interpupillary distance and diopter adjustment are available as well as coaxial coarse and fine focus drives.

The scope of delivery includes: two wide-field eyepieces (WF10x), plan achromatic objectives (10x, 25x, 40x) with a long working distance, a plan achromatic phase contrast objective (25x) including phase shifter, condenser (with phase contrast unit), mounting plates for rectangular or round culture vessels.

A phase contrast set is optionally available, consisting of two objectives (25x and 40x) and the appropriate phase shifter: Item no. 5942760.

inverted trinocular microscope
ideal for liquid analysis in petri dishes
30 ? inclined view
2 pieces WF10x eyepieces,
Objectives: PL L 10x, 25x, 40x
Phase contrast objective 10x with phase shifter
Dust covers
Immersion oil
Power cord


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Bresser Science IVM 401 Microscope