Bresser Science ADL 601 P 40-600x Microscope
Bresser Science ADL 601 P 40-600x Microscope
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Bresser Science ADL 601 P 40-600x Microscope

£2,106.25 Price incl. VAT: £1,755.21

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The BRESSER Science ADL 601 P is a professional transmitted and reflected light microscope. The base of the microscope contains halogen transmitted light illumination (20 W) as well as the power supply and the two continuously adjustable dimmers for incident and transmitted light. The two trinocular microscope attachmentscombine both lighting functions, as well as the possibilities of photography and binocular observation; the inclination of the eyepiece socket is 30 ?. The polarization attachment can be used in research, teaching and production, for example, to carry out investigations into materials or equipment. The halogen incident light illumination (20 W), which goes through the lens onto the object, can be modified for special purposes using a color filter wheel and a polarizer / analyzer combination. Overall , the BRESSER microscope is Science ADL 601PA unique instrument in terms of price-performance ratio, which also has the other equipment typical of high-quality microscopes: Quadruple objective turret, with cross-table and lengthways movable drive, coaxial focusing drives (fine: 200 ?m / revolution), interpupillary distance and Diopter adjustment and photo tube. Optionally available general accessories are the wide-field eyepieces (WF10x, WF16x), the measuring eyepiece (WF10x), various plan achromatic DIN objectives (e.g. 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x spring-loaded, 60x spring-loaded, 100x oil-spring loaded) ), the Abbe condenser (numerical aperture 1.25; with iris diaphragm and additional lens), dark field condensers (dry and oil), immersion oil, a phase contrast device, a luminous field diaphragm (for Koehler illumination) and filters (blue, green, yellow , matt,

The Science ADL-601P combines a biological transmitted light microscope with a reflected light microscope. This also makes it possible to examine surfaces in the highest resolution!

Eyepieces (pair DIN WF 10x)
Lenses (PL5x, PLL10x, PLL40x, PLL60x)
Abbe condenser (1.25 with iris diaphragm)


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