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Tips to make organising a stress-free holiday

For some, the holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends. For others, it’s an opportunity for relaxation or adventure without work interruptions. The way you approach your holidays can make all the difference in how they unfold; so here are five tips on making organising a break less stressful.

Tips to make organising a stress-free holiday - Tips

It’s time to get excited about the impending holidays! Remember them? A week of carefree living in a beautiful place, doing something you love. Whether it’s skiing in the Alps, soaking up the sun on a tropical beach or camping in the hills with friends—you can’t beat these precious memories that only happen once per year.

Planning for an upcoming holiday is oftentimes more stressful than enjoyable because we all have different ideas and preferences regarding where we want to go and what activities are best suited for our group’s needs, but there are ways around this mess if you’re willing to put some work into your trip planning upfront.


Trying to control everything on a trip can lead to resentment, so each person must have responsibility for organizing an area of the journey. A great idea is giving everyone in your group one task: like who will be responsible for booking hotels or managing finances. This way you don’t have any arguments over whose job what was!

The Budget

The best way to prevent conflicts from arising is through transparency. Before embarking on a group trip, all members of the party need to be honest about what they can afford and how much money they want spend during their adventure together. It may seem unfair when one member wants more expensive food or hotels than other people in your crew but this will just cause problems down the line so everyone needs get clear with each other before you start packing up!

What sort of holiday do you all want?

What you all want to do will determine where you can go. If you are thinking about cross-country skiing, there are many Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden that have snowy conditions year round. But if the summer is more your style, Portugal has a low budget walking tour option for everyone! For those who love foodie adventures or maybe even both…Mexico and Argentina offer colourful cuisine at an affordable price point.

What activities do your friends prefer? This question should help decide what country they could visit this upcoming fall break trip to make their experience as fun as possible based on preferences of location type (urban vs rural), culture, climate, cost etc.

Importance of lists

Planning a trip can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By using lists in advance of your departure date you reduce the likelihood that arguments will break out when people are tired and things seem overwhelming. Additionally, by creating shared “to do” list plans with others involved, everyone can see what has been completed thus far as well as any tasks still left on the tasklist. With equipment lists created before packing up for your vacation, there’s less chance that something vital gets lost or forgotten altogether!

Book in advance

If you don’t book in advance, your holiday might be ruined by having to spend time on the go. Booking accommodation and activities will provide peace of mind for future plan. You’ll save more money if you buy cancellation insurance while making those plans too!

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