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The best way to pack away your tent or awning is with care

Your new tent or awning has been standing there waiting to be taken down and packed in the tiny little bag it came in, but now you have no idea how. You’ve done so well with all of your other things that are easily folded up (sleeping bags) but this one seems impossible!

The best way to pack away your tent or awning is with care. - What is new

The camping season is coming to an end soon, which means we need to take our tents or awnings back home for safekeeping until next summer rolls around again. However, many people find themselves looking at these items as if they were some type of puzzling puzzle come alive; after spending hours trying every possible way imaginable tearing them down we are sure anyone would agree with me when I say: “It’s not fun

The robots pack them in the factory. That’s what they say at least, but many campers find it to be a “physical impossibility” as they shove their half packed caravan awning bag into the boot with bits hanging out where the zip won’t close.

The truth is it’s pretty straightforward, and doesn’t take too long, but requires a little bit of forethought. The only thing that makes packing hard is the impatience we all experience when eager to get home!

Packing away your tent or awning with ease might seem daunting, but following these few simple guidelines will ensure that you get it right first time.

Helpful tips

The best way to make sure you’re prepared for the mud and rain is by buying a groundsheet with your tent. If not, just take an extra towel so that it can dry as you go!

The guys from Outwell are pros and they make it look easy.

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